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About Felon Spy

Who We Are

FelonSpy.com is a small group of dedicated community activists who are committed to making sure that you do not fall victim to any crime, not rape, murder, robbery or even petty theft. We help because we can and we care because we have all been victims of crimes ourselves, and by all that is holy by the grace of God, we’ll do everything we can to keep you safe.

We are former law enforcement officers, information technologists land developers and community leaders, all of whom have given up our posts in pursuit of this noble, sometimes misunderstood quest to label the underbelly of society by their actions.

The Technology

FelonSpy.com uses a broad array of databases, each completely legal when used individually. They are probably also legal when used together, but that answer hasn’t yet come to us. Our servers compare city, county, state and federal criminal databases with telephone records to pinpoint the location of the person you need to know is living next door to you.

In many cases the public telephone directory has incomplete or insufficient data, so about once a month we get updated address and number records directly from a number of telephone companies and credit reporting agencies (at tremendous cost to us, I should add). Don’t ask how we get most of our information, but we do it, and we get our top shelf info from sources who wish to remain anonymous, and we pay a lot of money to insure that we keep getting it.

The good news is that you can be safer in your home at night, even if just because you have better information, or because “somebody” takes the needed actions to get these people off the streets.

Who We Track

We track virtually everyone with a criminal record including sex offenders, ex-cons (felony and misdemeanor), and those guilty of some of the more serious traffic infractions. You have the right to know who your neighbors are. We hope to track persons accused of crimes but acquitted in the future, but at this time we do not have sufficient funding to expand our database that far.

Ask too many questions and who knows, we might be tracking you next.