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From Associated Content’s Site:
Felonspy.com is making the news today, so I decided to check it out. It is not the first site to garner publicity for claiming to alert the public to dangerous criminals in their neighborhoods. Felonspy.com purportedly joined the ranks of Crimereports.com, Familywatchdog.com, and various state sex offender registries to provide citizens quick identification by address of criminals living in their neighborhoods. (Read full text here.)

From Heatherwood Mill Creek Apartment’s Site:
I’ve found a web site that looks awfully good for finding each and every felon living in your neighborhood, and it’s called Felon Spy. Check it out and find your own neighborhood criminals and know best how to save your kids from whatever trouble they may face. (Read full text here.)

From AllTalkRadio.net site:
“Yes, yes, another successful week! Thanks to Brian White of www.felonspy.com for spending a little time with us last week. Also, hopefully you enjoyed our comentaries on politics and religion. Those political adds were priceless! Hopefully the Castle law will get passed and Nevada will be a much better place. Oh, fuck that bitch that blew us off for the interview last week! He knows who he is.

Now this week we’ve got more to say about unprofessional fucks, Home owner’s ass sociations, politics, and whatever the fuck else is still irking us from last week. Of course we also want to include any new ones as well. We may also have some guests stopping by. One of them being Roach Megaballz! You may remember him from our Fenkell AVE. show, and my room mate from my freshman year from college. However this isn’t set in stone, you know how tourists are. lol Well get ready cause the ride will get rough as usual and the action never stops!

Brett, ‘Chelle, and Jeff”

LISTEN LIVE TO The Shit that Irks Me on AllTalkRadio.net (audio file of the show here.)