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Is Felon Spy Legal?

Of course it’s legal, mostly!

The registered sex offender database is publicly available almost everywhere, but every city has a different system, so it can be tricky to find out who lives in your backyard, and it’s impossible to know how careful you should be with your children and how protective you should be of your un-raped genitals, and assorted other protected assets.

We take the list further!

Not only do we list as many sex offenders as we can, but we go further and list every the criminals of every crime that you should know about. Many of the databases our spiders read are available, but we put them all together, and then go the extra mile by combining them all with our own private, quiet, hush-hush insider information to pinpoint these people to a narrow scope never seen before.

We don’t go too far!

It’s perfectly legal to ask your neighbors if they are criminals, and it’s legal for them to lie through their God damned teeth to you. It’s also legal for you to hire a private investigator to check them out and get to the bottom of their lying story. We just eliminate all those ugly steps and make it easy for you to figure out who you need to beware of.

We care more about you than the police!

In case of an emergency, there’s no better number to have on hand than 911. But what if there was a way to avoid the emergency in the first place? Whether it’s a burglar or an arsonist, there’s no better way to avoid the unthinkable than to know about it and plan for it. It doesn’t have to be unthinkable with a little bit of clever detective work.

And best of all, it’s free!

Unlike other services that would charge you as much as $89 per month for this information, we give it to you for the all-time low price of your satisfaction.