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Our Data Sources

Where do we get our information?

We get our information from almost everywhere. We use traditional databases available online, many free & public repositories that are not available online, and we cross-reference all of it against a number of very expensive sources that we purchase on an almost weekly basis from insiders we know in industry sectors we can’t talk about publicly because they could be fired or prosecuted just for giving us the private, personal, secure information that makes your life secure and livable.

Can I help by suggesting someone who needs to be listed?

Yes you can! Just use our contact page, and we’ll get them added in a hot hurry. Usually we verify it, but usually we don’t have the needed time or resources to insure it is valid. Please use this tool with honesty and integrity.

How legal is this whole business?

See our “Is This Legal” page for all the information on this matter, but in short, yes; it’s very, very legal.

Can I advertise on this site?

No you can’t. We are very hesitant to accept any new advertisers. As it is our free host puts an awful lot of ads on the site, and we cant really find a place for any more. If you want to you can CONTACT US to request it, and if you get it, you’re super lucky because the answer is no way in hell, for the most part.

Does this violate fundamental, constitutional rights to privacy?

Maybe, I guess, if you’re a criminal. Are you a criminal? Don’t you want to make sure your children aren’t hustled by pimps and drug dealers on their way to the bus stop? Yes? No? Then shut the hell up and thank us for our dedicated commitment to your safety in degrees obviously beyond your own desire to be safe. You should care about your children as much as we do.

Can I shut this site down?

No you can’t. We have already paid our $19 per month for prepaid legal services, so if you try to do it, we’ve already got a handful of the lowest paid attorneys in the world waiting in the wings to fight you. They’re still good and this is just the sort of legal battle that could make them famous and help them escape the basement of legal respect and income. No, you can’t shut us down.

Aren’t we afraid of vigilantes trying to exact justice against the listed criminals?

No we are not. We don’t “encourage” people to hunt down and kill these people, but if it happens, it happens. We’re just glad to provide a valuable community service.

I have some “somewhat legally obtained” information to contribute, can I help?

Yes you can. We are dedicated to keeping law abiding citizens safe and secure, and if we have to break laws and violate constitutional rights to do it, so be it. Please contact us immediately to tell us what databases you may be able to steal from your work, and what price and conditions you demand in exchange for the information society needs to be safe and secure.

How come the names I found in my neighborhood don’t sound familiar?

Many times criminals will use fake names after they are released, or live just quietly enough that you won’t notice them. Should you be concerned? Yes you should. Should you try to find them? Yes you should. Knowledge is power, so actively seeking out these individuals, even to bring them a housewarming bunt cake, is always a good idea. If you want to see their faces but not actually talk to them, consider posing as missionaries.

I want to kill someone, should I use this database as a guideline?

No you shouldn’t, mostly. Killing would make you a criminal as well and there are other sites similar to ours that also track everyone who has even been accused of a crime. If that was okay actions to take, people would be hunting you before you know it, and that doesn’t help anyone. Yelling obscenities isn’t a bad idea though, that’s just a misdemeanor in most places.