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Privacy Policy

Privacy isn’t a right, its a privilege. Still, as law abiding citizens, we are under a certain obligation (morally as well) to always be honest and protect our site users as much as possible.

Use our site:

We do not maintain any user information, though it is initially collected in very limited forms. We track only where users are logging on from and how many pages they view. This helps us buy additional servers before it’s too late, helps us know which areas need services the most, and avoid nasty server attacks from abusive users.

Advertise on our site:

If you advertise, we’ll obviously have to know who you are, and that information will be retained, but we won’t give it up to anyone outside our company unless directly ordered by a recognized court of law, and even then we might not.

Send us a kind email:

If you send us an email success story or words of praise, we may publish it in a future section called User Testimonials, but we guarantee that your identity will be kept safe and never divulged.

Send us a nasty email:

Who knows then, right? All bets are pretty much off once you roll up your sleeves and call us out back for a roughing up, don’t you think? Your letter may be published along with your name, home telephone number and home and work addresses. You don’t want that but we don’t have time for nasty letters, do we?

Send us legal correspondence:

You know we’re going to publish that and make it known. We have friends in the newspapers who would love a juicy story like that and we’ll give it to them on a silver platter, won’t we? We’ve got our first amendment rights here and we’re not about to let you trample on them.