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Stop Dog Fighting

We get many letters from readers concerned that our link to PuppyProfits.com amounts to a promotion of that site, though nothing could be further from the truth. Others have suggested the site may not be entirely legitimate, and we can agree with that, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a concern that needs to be addressed.

How to Stop Them

From our experience, illegal, underground operations don’t last long once they see the light of day. We’ve already made sure the feds, PETA and other animal protection groups know about them, but they can’t shut them down due to “free speech” laws, whatever that means.

The best thing to do is call all your local news media and tell them about it. Get your newspaper, tv and radio outlets to cover them, because 99% of Americans agree they should be shut down, so all we have to do is help that majority become aware of them, and (we hope) they’ll be gone and offline before you know it. If they don’t care, demand that the DO care. If they ignore you, mobilize your friends to get in their faces and make this coverage necessary (because it IS necessary!)

Thanks for being an activist,