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What Map Symbols Mean

What’s the difference between the pushpins and the balloons on the map?

This is one of our top one, two or three questions most commonly asked, so let this page serve as due notice to all persons wishing to send us email messages waxing ecstatic all about it, as it were. What’s the difference between the pushpins and the balloons on our results page?

The most obvious difference is that the pushpins look like small, thumb operated office supply items one would commonly find on a bulletin board composed of industrial grade cork, foam or disillusion, while the balloons actually look like inverted tear drops, the sort of thing a victim may cry having been taken advantage of by a previously unknown criminal living or lurking about.

To be slightly less sarcastic, and slightly more literal, the answer is that the pushpin(s) indicate the exact single address you entered for the initial search you performed. If you have received more than one push pin, it means that you either entered the address incorrectly (such as adding a dash or listing a subtly invalid street location) so our proprietary mapping software had to make one or more guesses as to what the b’jeezies you were actually attempting to enter for a principal starting place.

As for the balloons, those are rounded, symmetrical objects that tell you where your friendly, unfriendly, neighborhood hoods are living in your neighborhood.

Don’t think twice about water, forest, government property, cemetery, golf course or other such improbably crime locations. If you’re seeing these, your iP-WebXs may have been hackzors, or you may have located one or more persons who committed past crimes where the government listed these as the locations of crime. Especially in the case of mob bail-outs, crimes may be shifted to non-existent locations just to throw off databases like ours, but we know better.

When in doubt, just write to us or call by telephone to ask. Our resources are bountiful, our sponsors are many, and what we can do to help you is limited only by your imagination. Thank you for reading, and may the blessed Lord be smiling all over you even at this very minute.