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Results on the Water - What Does it Mean?

This is a very common question we get, and there are a few reasons you might find results like this, and we hope to answer them for you here…

1 - In some cases, crimes may have actually occurred on the water. Remember, our lists don’t just include where criminals live now, but also where the crimes originally took place. As such, we may have listings for crimes that happened off-shore. To our knowledge, we’re the only company inside the United States provided point-of-crime records like this. You may wish to take a vacation with your family in a place where nobody lives, but that means nothing to your security if there have been tons of crimes that happened there.

2 - Our records are collected from many sources, some are not entirely reliable. When we gather records on crimes, we often get stats from county clerks offices with incorrect addresses, which may lead to coordinates being mistakenly placed over bodies of water. We have limited funding and a very large nation to cover, and we do our best, but we can not guarantee our results entirely. (See Terms of Service for more information.)

4 - 3rd Party Maps may be Inaccurate or out of date. Even when our data is flawless, it may not sync up properly with our map providers. If we have our addresses correct, but the company that handles maps is incorrect by even 1-degree, it may lead to a criminal appearing to “live” in the water, or a land-based crime (like carjacking) appearing to have taken place in the water. We apologize for these inconsistencies and assure you we’re working to correct them.

5 - Many places inundated by water were once dry land. Especially if you live near a meandering free-range river (see Army Corps of Engineers web site for more information) or if you live along a reservoir, it’s entirely possible the waters in question were at one time land, and that the crimes took place there without so much as the aid of a rowboat.

6 - It could be that you’re not using the latest version of Flash, the software used to interface our map system, or that your cache needs to be cleared before checking for these results. You may wish to restart your computer or switch to another browser and search your address again, or download the latest version of Flash from the Macromedia web site.

If problems persist, you may write to us. We do apologize for any inconvenience and wish you the very best in the unending quest towards the protection of your family, even if it means stepping on a few civil rights in the process… it’s quite literally the least we can do.