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Why Do Search Results Keep Changing?

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is a very simple one; Why do the names keep changing every time I perform a new search? It’s a fair question, and one that is easy enough both to ask and answer, and one such question that is answered equally as easily if you’re ready to hear the sometimes ugly truth of the matter. There are a number of reasons the results may keep changing for you from one search to the next, and here is the list that explains them all in detail.

There are MANY reasons as to why names change from search to search, but the exact reason depends more on who you are, and how infrequently you search, than why the results vary, as varied as these self-same results may (in)variably be.

Reason One – Hackers; Since our inception we’ve experienced an unbelievable glut of hacker attacks. These range from open ports to denials of service attacks, to outright break-ins to our backend admin system. We anticipated a significant degree of this, but we woefully underestimated the commitment and fearlessness of the criminal elements who are desperate to see such soothsayers as ourselves put out of business each day of the week. We thought we were protected, and for the most part we were, but the ill-intending bastards-that-be at large beat even our worst expectations in terms of passion and commitment to ill intention.

If you are seeing new results on each new search, it may be because the hackers have intercepted our intended results so as to confuse issues between your request and our duly delivered result. We apologize, to the extent that it means anything, but sadly that’s all we can do. Once we have served the results from our database, we can not control the output as it appears on your screen.

Reason Two – Anti-Hacking Mechanisms; Since the runaway occurrences of Denial-Of-Service attacks our servers have suffered, we’ve been forced to take some anti-hacker measures we never wanted. One of them is an automated script that looks for a single IP Address seeking the same results twice for same-to-similar addresses, which then intentionally muddles and confuses the results. There were third-party sites using our database to serve our information, only to put ads on it and even malicious bot-net scripts.

We couldn’t permit these sites to continue operation, so we had to implement a backend script to look for repeated results, and countermeasure them as best we are able. We apologize if you have searched your own home address twice, because this counter-measure will obviously affect you negatively, even to the extent that you may see 100% different results when searching your same home address twice, but it’s one step we’ve been forced to take to stop abusive systems from scraping our data without acceptance of license terms (which we are bound by, in order to continue the slight majority of our information.)

Reason Three – Convicts Change Their Names; One of the biggest problems we face in keeping our database current is tracking criminals as they change their names, whether legally or illegally, even assuming unassuming aliaii, which they are legally permitted to do, even if only illegally. Once a name is changed it throws our whole works into a mess and we have little choice but to do our best to track and document the criminal by name and changed-name, with whatever new co-convoluted addresses of record as we’re able. Sometimes this results in findings of higher accuracy (as you may have noticed!) but in other cases it results in names of persons shifting by as much as half-a-county, regardless of the seriousness of the offense(s). We apologize for these shifts in accuracy, but not for the results they provide.

Reason Four – Criminals move very quickly; Even when we are able to track criminals accurately by name, crime and assorted alias, we are sometimes then criticized. Of all the databases available online or offline, there is none that changes locations, names and approximate points more quickly than FelonSpy.com. We do our very best, regardless of the cost of data acquisition, to guarantee the safety of our readers-at-large. Convicted criminals often move from one place to another, sometimes with changes of name, and often at breakneck pace. Only Felon Spy promises to keep ahead of their horrific curve in order to make you safer in your place of residence, profession, or slumber. They move fast, but we pay the very highest price imaginable, and as such, our database is able to move more quickly than the criminals.

If you’re looking for criminals in your area, and you have already performed one or more searches, the best advice we can offer is to wait 24-hours, clear you cache, clear you cookies, reboot your computer, and attempt your search again. Once you have received your results, please keep that screen open and active (session time-out is 9-minutes, so do not keep it open or active beyond that) and work from there.

If you require more expedient results and wish for our database to assist you further, you will need to send this site no fewer than ten (11) people you know within 45-minutes of last activity, after which time your session will be ADMIZZLE-REpr-Resumed from our end, and the results should once again be completely as valid as ever before.

Please have faith in us, for we’re doing our very best to make your lives better, and that’s the gospel truth.